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About MCA

Mahrashtra Cricket Association is the governing body of Cricket activities in the state of Maharashtra. It is responsible for scheduling, planning and supporting all infrastructure and services for cricket matches held in any of its stadiums. An international cricket match was scheduled, by the MCA, at the newly built state-of-the-art stadium in Pune.


The flood lights of the stadium were powered by a series of Diesel Generators. Since the lights need buffer time to reach full illumination levels, the floods are switched on well before the actual match timings. For some reason, one of the DGs in the series started going down in terms of its rated capacity.

There were two challenges at hand; one, to quickly identify the problem area – whether it was the DGs or the power distribution or was it a problem with the lights; Second, to find and diagnose the exact cause.


When we received a call regarding the problem from the OEM, we didn't even have any contract or assignment from the MCA. But what's customer focus, if we start looking at the paperwork and fine print.

Our team of five engineers reached the site in less than an hour and was at the helm of the problem the very next minute. With very less time at hand, the team took a military-like approach, and set out to identify the problem area.


Given the time constraint, getting it right the first time was highly critical.

With an extensive experience and hands-on expertise, our team quickly grasped the details of electrical systems at the stadium. Within minutes, some lose connections and a small fault in the fuel pipe of one of the DGs was located. The team assembled and discussed possible solutions. Deciding on the best option, everyone got into action and resolved the problem. In less than thirty minutes the DG was back in operations, up and running on rated load and giving full power to illuminate the flood lights.

The team stayed at the stadium not till the time match was complete but for all the time the flood lights were on even after the match.

  • An unmatched response time
  • Getting it right the first time
  • Trusted maintenance partner

DGs – Six DG Sets of Kirloskar Oil Engines Ltd. of 625 KVA
Total team size – Five
Duration – Problems solved in ninety minutes flat.