Production up and running in record time, well ahead of schedule for Bekaert.

About Bekaert

Bekaert is a world market and technology leader in steel wire transformation and coatings. Bekaert is the world's largest independent manufacturer of drawn steel wire products with customers in over 120 countries and in all markets and sectors.

Transforming steel wire and applying advanced coating know-how to improve both the bulk and surface properties of steel wire products is the core manufacturing capability of the company. The manufacturing process is highly complex, and demands accuracy, precision and highest standards of safety.


Bekaert UK's entire plant was to be dismantled and shipped to India. The factory had to be completely rebuilt at the Bekaert's site in India within a span of just ninety days. Bekaert turned to Omkar Engineering to handle a set of immense complexities - logistics of heavy but highly sensitive machinery, laying the enitre line and activating the same for production.


A Project Manager was authorized and responsible for all the execution activities and was supported by a flexible workforce that was scaled up according the requirement at the site. The leadership team provided valuable intervention highlighting the risk points, solving technical queries and building clarity for the client.

This approach helped to eliminate all the hassles and time lost in dealing with multiple agencies, employed otherwise, to complete each of the above activities.


Omkar Engineering suggested an integrated approach and took over the responsibility for all the key activities, including but not limited to, transport to the site, unloading, unpacking of all the equipment, laying out the line as per markings, alignment of the line and all other activities to activate the production on a turnkey basis.

The highly experienced team of technicians was designated to unpack the machines according to the marking and install the machines as per designs. The team helped client in every way, right from checking critical alignments, to setting up power connections and ensuring all aspects for correct functioning of the machines.

The team at Omkar Engineering walked with the customer through every phase of the project from design, planning to right up to the stage of proving the production line.

....Meeting aggressive timelines and resolving all technical complexities we 'Proved the Line'

  • Significant savings in time and costs to go live with production: Deep technical expertise of Omkar Engineering workforce meant a quick grasp of the Project requirements, associated risks and related solutions
  • A hassle free experience: A single point of contact for the project helped to maintain transparency, provide timely update and stay in total control of the situation
  • Peace of mind and profits: While completing the project well within time brought in peace of mind, ensuring the entire plant was up for requisite production ensured profits for Bekaert.

Total number of machines – more than forty; ten of which were highly critical
Total team size – Flexible – ranging from 40-100 according to the need of the task
Duration – less than 90 days

  • Logistics: shifting, unloading
  • Engineering: marking, design-build and prove the line