100% Uptime, superior performance and full output!

  • Total responsibility for integrated management of entire flow systems
  • Unmatched service quality and care, with rapid response to bring further ease in your operations
  • Achieve highest system reliability along with sustained improvements in efficiency
  • Steadfast support to your in-house team
Flow Systems

Extensive experience in maintenance of wide variety of pumps of all leading manufacturers is our key strength. Omkar Engineering has both, the expertise and demonstrated performance to service pumps on a large scale, in remote locations and operating under harsh environment.

From standalone pumps in water treatment plants to fire station pumps integrated with your Building Management Systems, the team is experienced and well equipped to install, commission, test and troubleshoot for all types of flow systems.

Unique Value Adds
  • Longer equipment life, lower operating costs while maintaining superior performance
  • Proactive care to eliminate unscheduled downtime
  • Comprehensive maintenance to attain performance for rated output
  • Maximizing system control while improving pump efficiency
Consulting and Design

Backed by strong practical experience, we offer precision advice to select pumps and allied equipment in industrial, fire, irrigation and other applications . Further, we provide complete design and engineering services for your scope.

Supply, Installation, Testing and Commissioning
  • End-to-end engineering installations including civil, mechanical and electrical works
  • Integrated solution for pumps, compressors and flow system accessories such as electric/ engine drives and gearboxes etc.
  • Support for integration with SCADA systems
  • Performance testing of pumps, valves and flow meters for rated output
  • Ensuring compliance to safety practices and norms
  • Periodic testing, performance monitoring
  • Flow meters and instrumentation calibration for accurate results
Maintenance - Annual Maintenance Contract(AMC)

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