We multiply your potential to achieve better productivity and greater profits

Stay ahead of the curve

Omkar Engineering has earned a formidable reputation for completing the execution of some of the most complex Turnkey Projects, well before the stipulated timeline. With 'Team Omkar' you will be able to stay ahead of the curve in safety and reliability while generating profits.

Vast experience, versatile capability

The deep technical expertise of the founding team, earned from delivering several complex and large-scale defence projects, drives quick, reliable and technically sound solutions for our customers. Ability to support all key utilities that are critical to your operations, on an end-to-end basis is our most sought after value proposition.

Peace of mind for you!

Choose us to eliminate multiple utility vendors, communication gaps, unnecessary interdependencies and everything else that adversely affects your efficiency ....choose peace-of-mind!

Being 'world-class' is our strategy

We have invested to develop the finest, best and the most advanced infrastructure in our league. Being world-class is not what we say, but who we are...

Rely on our direct-employed team

A team of experienced engineers and technicians of all disciplines, including process, civil construction, electrical jobs, plumbing works, power, HVAC specialists and maintenance experts.